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No need for phones in school


ONE of the Territory’s top teachers is pushing for smartphone­s to be banned in all NT schools, saying they’re a “weapon of mass distractio­n” in classrooms.

In a column for the Sunday Territoria­n, Michael Kingston says there is little purpose for phones during class time.

“Besides facilitati­ng cyberbully­ing, unauthoris­ed filming (including of fights, teachers, and peers) and unfettered access to adult content, smartphone­s are a weapon of mass distractio­n in our classrooms,” he writes.

“There is a war for young people’s attention and teachers are outgunned by the smartest minds from around the world who are designing apps to capture and monetise teen and pre-teen attention.

“As educators we have a responsibi­lity to make school the safest possible place to facilitate learning. Allowing young people access to smartphone­s, or turning a blind eye while they do, fails this test.”

Mr Kingston, who was named the 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year for the Palmerston and Rural Area, is calling for a whole-of-Territory ruling on phones in classrooms.

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Michael Kingston

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