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Stylish shotgun easy on eye and targets


NORMALLY my product reviews on shotguns are at entry to mid-level guns.

They are the swamp workhorses and functional clay target guns.

Nothing wrong with that. They all go bang and break targets or bring game down.

But recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on a high range under and over shotgun from Yildiz. Yes, Yildiz have followed the Fausti business model.

In the late 1990s Fausti supplied entry level guns following John Howard’s ill-conceived firearm buyback.

All those semi-auto loading and pump actions were replaced with brand new guns and companies like Fausti cashed in.

Then the Fausti sisters got into high end, high quality double barrel guns in both SxS and U/O following a marriage with Rizzini.

Yildiz for many years have been the poor man’s entry level gun, but now after poaching artisans from Italy and other areas of Europe they are producing fine fowling pieces that look at home in the finest gun cabinet or on the pegs.

The hand engraved beauty that I was able to take to the range was a delight to handle and very easy on the eye.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like bling and to look good on the range. If you can’t shoot at least look like you can. And this Yildiz Pro Special just oozed style and grace.

From the grade V figured timber to the deep silver acanthus scroll reminiscen­t of the Browning Diana deep relief engraving. The scroll extended all the way around the action, top lever, fences, trigger guard, top tang and forend iron.

The beavertail forend timber was the perfect match of tiger stripes to the adjustable comb stock of gorgeous Turkish walnut.

The rubber butt pad was serviceabl­e, but if you want more bling, try the Dream model with longer engraved tangs, butt plate and grip cap.

These Yildiz guns have 37 different engraving patterns to choose from for the side by sides and over/unders.

It goes without saying the gun handled like a thoroughbr­ed. Lively, well balanced and crisp to shoot.

I didn’t miss on the skeet or sporting ground.

I changed in the appropriat­e chokes out of the choice of five and made dust of everything.

During the Festival of Clays I noted one of my squad members was using the same model as I tested.

I asked what he thought of his and he was over the moon with the looks and performanc­e.

He ended up on the podium at least once with it so it must work for him too.

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