Sunday Territorian



Aries Mar21-Apr20

Forget your source of worry, your lack of funds, or your argument with a certain someone. Although these factors are bothersome, that’s no reason to let them tarnish your future prospects, or stop you celebratin­g the good things in life. As Saturn (the cosmic teacher) turns direct, you can choose to ignore any negativity and focus on what you know, in your heart, to be important. A highly productive series of events marks the start of an easier phase. This week, you can find unexpected solutions to old problems.

Taurus Apr21- May21

It’s a good job you’re such a kindhearte­d soul. If you were less empathic, you’d be able to take advantage of the flaws of a certain someone. After all, it isn’t as if this person deserves special privileges. Their choices have created the messy situation they find themselves dealing with, and they’ve brought trouble into other people’s lives too. They certainly wouldn’t help you if you were in their position… would they? Be your compassion­ate best this week. You can create positive change that helps other people and benefits you too.

Gemini May22-Jun22

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” It’s one of those sayings that turns out to be an oversimpli­fication. The wrong words, delivered at the wrong moment, can do a lot of harm. Which is why there’s another old saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. But that, too, is misleading. As responsibl­e Saturn turns direct, be aware of the words you choose this week. But don’t worry too much about what other folk are saying. Despite someone else’s worries, you’re headed towards a brighter future.

Cancer Jun23-Jul23

Even great ideas need justifying and explaining. And, good prospects sometimes require huge effort. That’s why, when we find ourselves going round in circles, we can’t just assume things aren’t going our way. Sometimes, life brings us challenges before it brings us rewards. You’re unsure how to deal with a situation that “should” be easy. Yet it’s slowly starting to improve. As Saturn turns direct, you can allow more time to pass before you decide what needs to be done. Once this problem has simplified, you’ll be glad of the experience.

Leo Jul24-Aug23

A critical part of every learning process is the moment you realise that there’s something you need to be taught. When we think we have all the answers, we can’t expect to ask the relevant questions. Everything unfolding in your world is linked to an opportunit­y to make an exciting discovery. But first, you need to understand something. There’s an inner process to go through. You’re preparing yourself to understand valuable informatio­n that will enrich your future developmen­t. Relax and you’ll enjoy what this week brings your way.

Virgo Aug24-Sep23

There’s an old saying, “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Although this week might not bring an opportunit­y to rectify a false economy, it offers the chance to avoid repeating a past mistake. As Saturn changes direction it highlights the positives in a situation you thought you’d moved beyond. This time round, you’re experience­d enough to recognise the potential it holds. A phase of greater security (financial and emotional) lies ahead. Even if you’re feeling vulnerable, you’re in a process that leads towards significan­t progress.

Libra Sep24- Oct23

When we’re young, tooth fairies pop money under our pillows, and the world seems to be filled with magic. The impossible seems possible. As we get older, reality intervenes, and our aspiration­s change. Yet, when there are no dreams left to destroy, we can at least create goals and objectives safe in the knowledge that they’re based on logic, rather than imaginativ­e fantasy. Or, at least, that’s the idea. Yet, if you listen to the childlike voice inside you this week, you’ll be ready to embrace an opportunit­y that brings wonder and joy.

Scorpio Oct24- Nov22

If it wasn’t for night, we’d never appreciate day. If we’d never felt sad, how could we appreciate joy? As for the sense of satisfacti­on we experience when we’ve accomplish­ed a challenge? Well, I’m sure you get the picture. If you’re wondering whether I’m implying that there are going to be issues to deal with this week, you might be right. Yet, as Saturn turns direct, as long as you keep focusing on a bright future, you’ll see the light of hope shining into your world. And you can easily deal with anything that comes your way.

Sagittariu­s Nov23- Dec21

You’ve accomplish­ed a lot recently. There are tangible reasons to feel proud of yourself. Yet you’re feeling uneasy… As if there’s unfinished business looming overhead. It’s hard to unwind and focus on the future when you’ve still got a pressing issue to sort out. As Saturn turns direct it enables you to find ways to cope with your uncertaint­y. Yes, you’re going to have to leave something undone. But this doesn’t have to be problemati­c. Let go of whatever you can’t control and trust that the help you require is coming. It is.

Capricorn Dec22-Jan20

Teachers of Buddhism instruct their students to be like the lotus flower. This beautiful bloom appears, like a miracle, out of the depths of mud, rising out of the gloom (untarnishe­d by dirt) to bring pleasure. In other parts of the world, a lotus is more likely to be seen on a racetrack; vying with other elite cars to win races. Recently, with everything you’ve had to do, you’ve been acting more like the second kind of lotus. This week, as your ruler, Saturn, turns direct and links with Venus, it’s time to slow down and blossom.

Aquarius Jan21- Feb19

Who doesn’t want to believe they’ve got a good connection with their celestial helpers? That they deserve a bit of extra assistance from time to time? Even though we might not actually believe in guardian angels, deep down inside we hope that someone’s looking out for us and sending good things our way. And sometimes uplifting events seem to support this idea (no matter how irrational it seems when we’re in a more logical frame of mind). As Saturn turns direct, you’ll find it hard not to believe that the cosmos is on your side.

Pisces Feb20- Mar20

Although it’s not hard to agree with someone, it’s not so easy to uphold an agreement. This requires both parties to keep on agreeing with one another. When we want something from someone, we tend to overlook any problemati­c issues; but as the novelty wears off, optimism can turn to resentment. This week, as Saturn turns direct, an aspect of your past causes you to rethink the future. Yet, as long as you look at the situation kindly, you’ll be open to the support on offer. The change of direction will benefit everyone involved.

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