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1. Aquiline is an adjective which describes something as being like which creature?

2. Which king of England was known as William of Orange?

3. Which two boxers competed in the Thrilla in Manila?

4. Who played Kate in the TV series United States of Tara?

5. A Finnish Spitz is a breed of which animal?

6. In which year were women first ordained as priests in the Church of England?

7. How many playing spaces are there on a Monopoly board?

8. Is pumpkin pie traditiona­lly sweet or savoury?

9. What is the smallest African country by area?

10. Epistemolo­gy is a branch of philosophy which focuses on what?

11. The BepiColomb­o is a joint space mission to which planet?

12. Which Australian rock band wrote the soundtrack to the 1986 film MaximumOve­rdrive? 13 Who featured with David Bowie

on the song Dancingint­he Street in 1985?

14. Angela Lansbury is related to which former Australian prime minister?

15. What was the capital of England before London?

16. Whose epitaph reads “I told you I was ill” in Gaelic?

17. 100 degrees Celsius is equal to how many degrees Fahrenheit?

18. Who wrote the novel A ClockworkO­range?

19. In which decade was a wooden racket used at Wimbledon for the last time?

20. What type of pasta is also known as bow-tie or butterfly pasta?

21. What colour is lapis lazuli?

22. Which chess piece can move only diagonally?

23. What nationalit­y was artist Vincent van Gogh?

24. Grevy’s, mountain and plains are all species of which African animal?

25. What name is given to monarchs of Bhutan’s 100-year- old Wangchuck dynasty?

26. What food is associated with Shrove Tuesday?

27. What is the capital of Uruguay?

28. Who wrote the poem Donotgo gentle into that good night?

29. Which of the four terrestria­l planets has the densest atmosphere?

30 Kiss and Dedicated are albums by which Canadian singersong­writer?

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