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THE “oldest ever” crab, trapped in amber for 100 million years, has been unearthed by scientists, and they say it could be the “missing link” in evolution.

Harvard University’s Javier Luque said the fossil dated to the dinosaur age and was believed to be the ancestor of today’s red crabs that migrate in their millions to the oceans for breeding.

The scientists say its body was perfectly preserved, including its claws, shell, bulging eyes and even gills.

Like fish, crabs use the respirator­y organs to absorb oxygen from water. “The specimen is spectacula­r, it is one of a kind,” Dr Luque said.

“It’s absolutely complete and is not missing a single hair on the body, which is remarkable.”

It has been named Cretapsara athanata, which translates as “immortal spirit of the clouds and waters”.

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