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More causes need your help now


TERRITORIA­NS are passionate people, it is one of our endearing qualities. That fervour has been on full display at the so-called “freedom” rallies.

There were fists raised, signs thrust into the sky, mouths open in screams that tore up people’s throats and eyes sparkling with anger.

As I watched the photos and videos roll in, I sat there lamenting to myself: Oh, why can’t they put this much energy into worthy causes?

There are endless social causes locally, interstate and internatio­nally, ranging from fighting climate change and poverty to gender-based prejudice and systemic racism.

Behind these movements are people who spend every waking moment trying to influence change. However, no matter what cause, there is one common factor:

Not enough people support them.

These causes significan­tly lack help. The weight of change often rests on the shoulders of a few who, in the end, aren’t superhuman.

I have no doubt many campaigner­s who saw the display on October 16 were left thinking:

How great would it be if those people backed our cause?

It appears to me that unless people are directly impacted by a problem, they’re less inclined to help. This needs to change.

So, to those people who intend to continue marching against the Covid-19 vaccine mandate, why don’t you consider backing one of these causes?

PERIOD POVERTY: In a survey by Share the Dignity, 19 per cent of participan­ts from the NT could not afford period products at some point in their life, tying with Tasmania for the highest statistic in Australia.

On average it can cost a person $20 a month to buy period products, adding up to $10,080 a lifetime (Big Bloody Survey).

Those who have experience­d not having access to menstruati­ng products know it is unhygienic, degrading and, for many youths, can result in missing school.

Why don’t you try supporting Share the Dignity?

PLASTIC POLLUTION: On average, Australian­s use 130kg of plastic a person each year, with less than 12 per cent of it recycled. Up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic will make its way into waterways and the ocean (WWF Australia).

Why don’t you try supporting Plastic Oceans Australia? DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: The Northern Territory has some of the most shocking rates of domestic violence in the country.

In the year ending August, there was a 57 per cent increase in domestic violence assaults in Darwin and Palmerston respective­ly and a 16 per cent increase in Alice Springs (NT Police).

Indigenous people are 32 times more likely to be hospitalis­ed for family violence than nonIndigen­ous people (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).

Why don’t you try supporting Charlie King’s campaign No More?


There is currently a petition in the Australian parliament for gender-affirming surgery to be covered by Medicare, which currently can cost up to $30,000.

Wider access to genderaffi­rming and reassignme­nt services are crucial for the mental health and wellbeing of people in the LGBT+ community and can reduce suicide attempts

(University of Melbourne).

Why don’t you try supporting Rainbow Territory?

And these are only a few of the very worthy causes out there. There’s also a need for more mental health services, the #LetHerSpea­k campaign, combating homelessne­ss and bullying in schools and workplaces.

Supporting these causes can be as simple as sharing a social media post, donating $5 or signing a petition, or as big as volunteeri­ng or working with members of government.

Covid-19 will eventually become a distant memory but these issues will not.

Change could take decades or might not even happen in our lifetime.

So why not shave off a few years by reallocati­ng your passion?

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 ?? ?? There are more worthy causes to rally against than mandatory vaccines that keep you safe, writes Raphaella Saroukos
There are more worthy causes to rally against than mandatory vaccines that keep you safe, writes Raphaella Saroukos

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