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There’s a reason the Scouts motto “Be Prepared” has endured for so long. We might not have the power to prevent rainclouds from gathering, but we can carry a brolly. We can’t affect the intensity of the sun’s rays, but we can wear sunglasses. We can’t change the way people act, but we can choose how we respond. This week, as the sun moves into a new celestial home, you can adjust your attitude to a challengin­g situation. If you focus on the power at your disposal, magical change will result. You’ve done the prep. Reap the benefits.

Taurus Apr21- May21

As Venus, your ruler, links with Neptune and the sun moves into your opposite sign, the intensity levels of your life are ratcheted up a notch. Whatever you do, there will be a developmen­t that takes you by surprise. Or an unpredicta­ble dramatic element that throws you off guard. With the people around you feeling extra sensitive, you might feel as if you’re treading on eggshells. Yet it’s vital not to let anyone (or anything) undermine your self-confidence. If you act as if you’re on top of everything, you soon will be.

Gemini May22-Jun22

We try our best to organise our days so that we’re as efficient as possible. Few of us, though, attempt to control the hours we spend asleep. We understand that it’s a necessary part of life; and, unless we’ve had a few nights without enough of it, we don’t give it much thought. Thus, we spend our lives moving between two different states of consciousn­ess. As Venus links with Neptune, the cosmos creates a pathway between these two worlds. Pay attention to your dreams this week. They’ll provide you with the key to success.

Cancer Jun23-Jul23

Although there are many good reasons why cereal packets no longer contain toys, there was something joyful about reaching in and rummaging around to see what you got. There’s nothing like getting something for free. With so much going on in your world, you’d benefit from a bit more “free time” this week. If only you could wake up to discover that you had a few extra hours in your day – just think of what you’d achieve. Although the Venus/ Neptune link won’t empower you to manipulate time, it will enable you to use it imaginativ­ely.

Leo Jul24-Aug23

People aren’t always as honest, or well-intentione­d as they think they are. Nor are we very good judges of character. We can’t tell what others are like just by looking at them, and they can’t jump to reliable conclusion­s about us either. This week, as your ruling planet, the sun, moves into a new celestial home, you can find innovative ways to approach someone who has been through a tough time recently. As they realise that you’re trustworth­y, a satisfying­ly respectful bond can be created – which is of mutual, lasting benefit.

Virgo Aug24-Sep23

We don’t like feeling as if we can’t do (or don’t know) something. When we feel out of our depth, we tend to turn away rather than try to learn a new technique, or ascertain the relevant knowledge Sometimes, what we don’t know annoys us so much we erase it from our minds. We’re so good at this that we put off dealing with difficult issues. Yet life eventually places us in positions where we have no choice but to tackle them. You’re reaching the top of a tricky learning curve. This week brings a breakthrou­gh.

Libra Sep24- Oct23

Set your alarm clock for silly o’clock. Once you’ve had a cold shower, you can set off on your 10km jog. Only then can you allow yourself to have something to eat. A bowl of porridge (made with water) should do the trick. Then, spend the rest of the day following a similarly harsh regime. You’ve excelled at creating demanding schedules and ways to make your life as challengin­g as possible. Do you really need to be so hard on yourself? Only if it’s making you happy. If not, as your ruler, Venus, links with Neptune, you can change it.

Scorpio Oct24- Nov22

If only life resembled a Disney film. If only our fears could be quickly dispersed by a brave bunch of kids and their dog. Reality, though, isn’t that cute or simple. And real people don’t behave like the characters in those children’s stories. As the sun moves into your sign, it shines a new light on a challengin­g situation. And, as Venus links with Neptune, you’ll be able to see through the fog of mystery that’s been preventing you from moving ahead. Just make sure you don’t forget to peer over the top of the rose-tinted spectacles.

Sagittariu­s Nov23- Dec21

Self-confidence has got to be right at the top of the list of qualities we want to possess. It might not be the be-all and end-all, but it’s hard to think of situations where it doesn’t help. Luckily, members of your sign tend to be a confident lot; not everyone has your assurance and self-belief. If you’ve been feeling a bit low and uncharacte­ristically uncertain recently, this week, someone from your past pops back into your life and reminds you of how you helped them when they were low. The confidence you need will follow.

Capricorn Dec22-Jan20

Do any of us have the power to really make a difference? Can one individual have an impact on the world’s bleak, dark, pervasive heartlessn­ess? Of course. Anything’s possible when we’re willing to co-operate with one another... and with fate. A force beyond your understand­ing is guiding you towards the perfect destinatio­n. If something seems wrong, look for the one thing that could just be perfect within it. And when you see this, trust it. This is your moment. Make your commitment. Then, do your duty to your destiny.

Aquarius Jan21- Feb19

Many conversati­ons are about trivial topics: the weather, what we’re going to eat for dinner or the latest reality

TV show. We also share our concerns and our problems. But how often do we address life’s most important questions? Why are we here? What’s the purpose of it all? Sometimes, we need to think about these existentia­l issues; they help us find perspectiv­e.

An issue in your life needs to be looked at more closely. It might not be easy… but you’re in the process of discoverin­g something that brings positive change.

Pisces Feb20- Mar20

We all know the dangers of overindulg­ence. So, this week, when the link between Venus (luxury) and your ruler, Neptune ( enchantmen­t) awakens the impulse to be excessive, you need to be watchful. There’s nothing wrong with going over the top, as long as you go over the right kind of top, in the right kind of way.

Don’t take silly risks that might empty your bank account. But it would be appropriat­e to allow yourself to feel truly hopeful. If you ride the wave of growing optimism, it will carry you to an excellent destinatio­n.

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