Sunday Territorian

Test your knowlegde


1. From which country does Caboc cheese originate?

2. What is autophobia the fear of?

3. In Greek mythology, who is the mother of Heracles?

4. Was Vogue magazine founded in 1892, 1902 or 1912?

5. How long is the lifespan of a silkworm?

6. In mountainee­ring, what are you doing if you are rappelling?

7. Quicksilve­r is another name for what metallic element?

8. What is the fruit pitaya better known as?

9. Of which US state is Montgomery the capital?

10. To which French king was Marie Antoinette married? 11. In which human organ would

you find the hypothalam­us?

12. Which battle is depicted on the


13. Who played Mrs Gump in the

1994 drama ForrestGum­p?

14. Khartoum is the capital of which African nation?

15. Who was the first actor to be posthumous­ly nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award?

16. In which US state is Alcatraz Island?

17. What food is also sometimes called a “love apple”? 18. What was the name of the butler

in the TV series The Addams Family?

19. Acacia pycnantha is the technical name for what Australian flora?


20. What nationalit­y was composer Richard Strauss?

21. What does the medical term cerumen refer to?

22. In which British seaside town is Fawlty Towers set?

23. Which influentia­l first-person video game debuted in 1993?

24. In which 1976 movie does Cybill Shepherd play the role of Betsy?

25. Marie Fredriksso­n and Per Gessle are members of which Swedish pop duo?

26. Tirana is the capital of which European country?

27. Elliott Gould played the role of Jack Geller on which popular sitcom?

28. Which small town in South Australia is classified as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement?

29. What was the real first name of Hollywood legend Bette Davis?

30. In the children’s book by Beatrix Potter, what type of animal is Mrs Tiggy-Winkle?

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