Sunday Territorian

Test your knowledge


1 What part of the body is a supinator?

2 What is the largest desert in Australia?

3 What is the capital city of Bangladesh?

4 What art form is known as xylography?

5 What are the time periods are there in a polo match?

6 What is the world’s largest herb?

7 In 2009, Disney used the Hannah Montana brand to sell what fruit?

8 On what date is All Saints’ Day celebrated?

9 Which Shakespear­ean play includes the character Titania, queen of the fairies?

10 Of which cosmetics company was Anita Roddick the founder?

11 To the west, what country borders Azerbaijan?

12 What is the largest living arthropod?

13 When will the next leap year occur?

14 In the rhyme, what did Jack Sprat and his wife lick clean?

15 The fez hat is associated with which historic empire?

16 In what year was Uluru handed back to its traditiona­l owners? 17 In the novel TheGreatGa­tsby, where were Nick and Tom educated?

18 Who was the first woman elected to the Australian parliament?

19 Name the hit song by Go West that featured in the film Pretty Woman.

20 True or false: Greenland is part of the North American continent?

21 Which equatorial country’s name literally means “equator”? 22 In which Australian city is the major road Vulture Street?

23 A gnu is an animal better known by what name?

24 What is a baby pigeon called?

25 Comedian Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of which iconic singer?

26 Francisco Pizarro is historical­ly known for the downfall of which empire?

27 Who is regarded as the father of modern science?

28 How old was Peter the Great when he became Tsar of Russia?

29 In Greek mythology, who was the personific­ation of the rainbow?

In what fictional town is the television show Homeand Away set?

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