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If you haven’t driven down Bagot Rd lately then you might not know – the circus is in town!

But it seems that some Darwinites were a little unsure about heading along to this year’s event, run by the Weber Bros rather than the Great Moscow Circus like we’re used to.

Multiple Facebook posts have asked whether it is worth it, does it have aircon, or is too scary for the little ones?

Thank god for social media though, because all queries were answered without having to waste any time leaving the couch.


A Local Court judge, who shall remain nameless, might not be selected as a pop culture expert for his local pub trivia team after the way he responded to the mention of the case against Matt Wright this week. “That’s Wright with a W?” he asked the TV star’s barrister.


Ah the NT, known for its fishing and boating, but a Bushies spy this week thought it was going a bit far leaving a boat at the traffic lights.

But kudos to the slippage from the trailer for leaving the vessel dead-centre in the lane, albeit sitting idle at a green light which is not an altogether uncommon sight in the Territory.


Artificial intelligen­ce is sweeping the world, and there’s plenty of commentary about its potential uses, but it also has its limits.

It can’t do humour, as was experience­d by a high-ranking exec for a certain media company.

Taking a shot at recreating the NT News’ iconic “Why I stuck a cracker up my clacker”, the exec asked ChatGpt to “write a headline for a news story about a man injured after fireworks explode near his bottom”.

Proving there’s a long way to go before replacing human genius, ChatGpt fell far short.

“Man suffers injuries after firecracke­r mishap in private area,” was the paltry attempt.

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