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Giant laksa no match for visitors

- Bethany Griffiths

Has there ever been a food challenge more quintessen­tially Darwin than this one?

The previously unconquere­d Giant Laksa Challenge at Lisa’s Lunch Bar in Winnellie has finally been taken out by two profession­al food eaters from the United States.

Randy Santel and Katina DeJarnett have been travelling around Australia completing food challenges and decided to bring their eating skills to the Top End.

The couple broadcast their food conquests to a combined audience of more than 4 million across YouTube and social media.

They defeated District North Kitchen’s 1.5kg burger challenge first, before sinking their chopsticks into their very first laksa challenge.

The pair has now joined the hall of fame for eating, with only 13 other brave souls attempting the giant bowl, equivalent to five normal serves.

Each participan­t in the challenge must consume the 800g of noodles, 600g of meat and 3.5 litres of soup in 35 minutes or pay $60.

Katina said she was very unsure about trying the laksa challenge.

“I almost backed out because I was terrified of lots of broth, but I’m very happy that I came out here and gave it a shot,” she said.

“I’m happy that they had a woman that tried it and finished it.”

Randy, who completed his meal in under 20 minutes, said his strategy was to get through the soup first.

His advice for others who wanted to try out any eating challenge was to come prepared.

“The big thing with food challenges is making sure you have a big stomach space,” he said. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

 ?? ?? Randy Santel takes on the giant laksa. Pictures: Pema Tamang Pakhrin
Randy Santel takes on the giant laksa. Pictures: Pema Tamang Pakhrin
 ?? ?? Katina DeJarnett loves a good food challenge.
Katina DeJarnett loves a good food challenge.

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