Sunday Territorian

Test your knowledge


1 Which Japanese dish translates as “pierced body”?

2 What does a hematologi­st study?

3 Who wrote the 1969 novel The Andromeda Strain?

4 What kind of animal is a lynx?

5 On which island of Japan is Mount Fuji found?

6 Which South- East Asian country’s currency is the riel?

7 One of the specialise­d agencies of the United Nations, what is WIPO an acronym for?

8 In which US city did Dixieland music originate?

9 In which city would you find the Potala Palace?

10 Hanzi describes which writing form?

11 Is Ellyse Perry a left- or righthande­d batswoman?

12 Baden is a region of which European country?

13 The Yarra Valley wine region is found in which Australian state or territory?

14 Which 2010 musical was Jessica Mauboy’s film debut?

15 Brad Majors and Janet Weiss are characters in what 1975 movie?

16 In what country did tofu originate?

17 Who wrote the short story The Murders in the Rue Morgue?

18 Which three colours make up the Irish flag?

19 Which movie monster’s name comes from two words meaning whale and gorilla?

20 Which film of 2006 is based on Shakespear­e’s Twelfth Night?

21 Who did Sean Young play in Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner?

22 The musical My Fair Lady is based on which 1913 play?

23 Lutes, harps and zithers are all categories of what?

24 Juniper berries are traditiona­lly used in the making of which spirit?

25 Who was the first woman to win three Album of the Year awards at the Grammys?

26 What is the capital of Haiti?

27 What common condition is also known as amblyopia?

28 What is the world’s largest known predatory fish?

29 America Ferrera starred as Amy for more than 100 episodes of which sitcom?

30 Svalbard is an archipelag­o located in which northern ocean?

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