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Driven to serve others


Jeanette Holland, St Agnes Catholic High School, Rooty Hill, Hi NSW

Jeanette Je is a principal her who serves community by being on the ground. She teaches classes, she dances with students in cultural dance, she creates opportunit­ies for staff to be empowered to develop their students . She is a servant leader who works tirelessly. Nominated by Nashwa Karafotias

Leanne Riley, Proserpine State School, QLD

Principal Leanne Riley is supporting su teachers te who w are returning to the w workforce with robust and personalis­ed return-towork plans. Leanne works closely with her workforce to ensure returning teachers feel safe and supported, to successful­ly keep teachers in our schools. Leanne’s supportive and inclusive leadership style is recognised and appreciate­d by her school, colleagues, stakeholde­rs and those who provide support services to her school. Nominated by Gail Quincey

Michelle Pole, Moranbah State State High High Schoo School, QLD

Michelle is our principal pr and an she has ha supported su all her staff withstaff with a an openness and transparen­cy to be their best. She is always looking out for staff wellbeing and mental health. Nominated by Ashley Spain

Rhiannon Coco, St Thomas the Apostle Primary School, Blackburn, Victo Victoria

Rhi Rh goes above ab and beyond be for fo her students, st staff st (she is also deputy prin principal) and the community. She is a wealth of knowledge and forms lifelong connection­s with students. She is passionate, caring, and a step ahead in everything she does! Thank you Rhi. Nominated by Georgie Junghenn

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