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Feral pig shoot can help stop the farts


Many of my regular readers will know I don’t believe in man-made global warming, but I am ready to blame feral pigs for it. There are more than 23 million feral pigs in Australia and they fart. Those farts contribute 733 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent gas through methane annually to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. It has been found feral pig behaviour releases additional CO2 from the soil.

In a report by New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, the University of Queensland and University of Canberra it was found “the cumulative area of soil uprooted by wild pigs is likely the same area as Taiwan”.

“This releases 4.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year – the same as one million cars,” the report said.

“The majority of these emissions occur in Oceania.

“In Australia, management efforts include co-ordinated hunting events to slow the spread of wild pig population­s.

“Some of these control methods can also cause substantia­l carbon emissions, such as using helicopter­s for aerial control and other vehicles for hunting. Still, the long-term benefits of wild pig reduction may far outweigh these costs.”

The exploratio­n companies involved in the Beetaloo Basin gas project would be advised to talk to the NT government about sponsoring a Million Dollar Pig competitio­n to remove these ferals from NT Parks, at the same time rack up their carbon credits.

Santos could use the savings from the Festival of Darwin sponsorshi­p for the Million Dollar Pig competitio­n and really make some worthwhile contributi­on to rehabilita­ting our parks.

Let’s call it the $100,000 pig. NT Field and Game will hold the Miroku 75 target simulated field clay target event at the Mickett Creek Shooting Complex range today from 8am until noon.

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