Sunday Territorian

Test your knowledge


1 Pierogis are traditiona­l dumplings from which country?

2 Which ocean is the largest: Pacific, Indian or Atlantic?

3 What is the name for the Iranian New Year?

4 Port Moresby is the capital of which country?

5 The chocolate KitKat is made by which company?

6 What was director Jennifer Kent’s first feature film?

7 In what US state is Area 51 located?

8 What sweet element tops the dessert baked Alaska?

9 In which part of the human body is the limbic system located?

10 What is another well-known name for coriander?

11 Which artist’s work adorns the cover of The Velvet Undergroun­d and Nico’s debut album?

12 The Gobi Desert lies within which two countries?

13 In tennis, what fruit is found at the top of the men’s Wimbledon trophy?

14 Who directed the 2000 mystery film Memento?

15 Which two elements is Marie Curie credited with discoverin­g?

16 Which Australian actor, now based in Los Angeles, was born Amanda Lee Rogers?

17 Who is the title character in Shakespear­e’s TheMerchan­tof Venice?

18 Who was the plant genus Banksia named after?

19 What was the name of the family dog in TheJetsons?

20 The Kermadec Islands have been a part of which Pacific country since 1887?

21 What do flamingos filter-feed on?

22 What type of bird is the peregrine?

23 A bundt cake is typically what shape?

24 Cantilever, viaduct and truss are types of what structure?

25 Riz Ahmed plays a drummer who is losing his hearing in what film?

26 Who captained the Socceroos during the 2006 World Cup?

27 What is the meaning of the Latin word albus?

28 Which prime number is closest to 100?

29 How many gold stars feature on the flag of the European Union? 30 What boy band featured Nick, Drew, Jeff and Justin?

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