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Social media-savvy Darwin bishop Charles Gauci took to TikTok to warn of the dangers of ChatGPT, and its congregati­on of developing AI buddies.

The bishop explained while AI was a “wonderful gift”, we should “not lose our humanity in the midst of all this”.

The artificial intelligen­ce was at its witty best when asked to comment on the criticism, saying “as an AI language model, I don’t have personal opinions or beliefs”.

It was one of many humorous things Bushie’s spies learned from the bot, including its belief AFL fans watch the footy from sun lounges.

And here’s perhaps its best joke: “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.”


A Bushie spy was escorted to the Mt Bundey Military Training Area by a US Marines representa­tive.

During the 90-minute bus trip some tea spilled, including the lieutenant’s relation to American rapper Kendrick Lamar.

The Humble songwriter’s apparent cousin later admitted his claim to fame was as a Cornhusker­s mascot for the University of Nebraska.

Though Bushie’s spy can’t confirm how close the cousins are, cheesy photos of Herbie Husker’s mid-Covid “identity reveal” verify the University’s best-kept secret is now serving as a Marine.


Ex-NT Police Commission­er Reece Kershaw had a senior moment at Senate Estimates this week when he talked about the difference­s between the generation­s. “I think this is interestin­g, we learnt too that Gen Z, the younger generation, need three-times-a-week praise from their supervisor­s, the next generation only need three-times-a-year and my generation only need once-ayear,” he said. The comment was widely panned after going viral on Twitter.

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