Sunday Territorian

Test your knowledge


1 What sport uses biased balls?

2 Hypnosis the Greek god of what?

3 Pomodoro is the Italian word for what?

4 Which white wine originates in the Rhine region of Germany?

5 What word in the English language has three consecutiv­e double letters?

6 In publishing, what does the acronym POD mean?

7 Who painted Self-portrait withoutbea­rd in 1889?

8 What gemstone is associated with 40th wedding anniversar­ies?

9 The film OBrother,WhereAr t Thou? is based loosely on which epic Greek poem?

10 Which Australian-born actor plays Alice in the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonder land?

11 Which British artist released the album LifeForRen­t in 2003?

12 Lox is a cured fillet of which variety of fish?

13 What do the opposite sides of a six-sided die always add up to?

14 What is an extreme fear of lightning and thunder called?

15 In which year did Margaret Thatcher become prime minister of the UK?

16 Which country did France, under Napoleon, unsuccessf­ully invade in 1798?

17 A rhinoplast­y is more commonly known as a what?

18 Chowder, bisque and consommé are all types of what?

19 Who directed the 2006 film Pan’sLabyrinth?

20 Which two bodies of water are connected by the Strait of Gibraltar?

21 The Petrified Forest National Park is located in which US state?

22 Who wrote the novel upon which the Disney film One Hundred and One Dalmatians is based?

23 The acacia plant is more commonly known as what?

24 What is the rarest blood type?

25 Which actress starred as Cinderella in Disney’s 2015 liveaction version?

26 Billie Eilish sang the theme song for which Bond movie?

27 Which British coin was also known as a bob?

28 What is the name of the French blue cheese made from ewe’s milk?

29 Which colour is known as vert in French?

30 According to Greek mythology, who stole fire for mankind’s benefit?

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