Su­gar can make our kids bit­ter

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CHIL­DREN who con­sume too much su­gar are more likely to fight, bully, smoke and drink al­co­hol, a study claims.

Sci­en­tists asked more than 100,000 chil­dren aged 11, 13 and 15 how much they drink as well as in­dulge in “risky” be­hav­iour such as fight­ing, smok­ing and bul­ly­ing.

They found those who con­sumed the most su­gar were 78 per cent more likely to mis­be­have.

Sug­ary drinks seemed to trig­ger more risk-tak­ing be­hav­iour than sweets and choco­late.

The study, con­ducted across 26 coun­tries by re­searchers in Italy and Is­rael, said: “Since sug­ary drinks also of­ten con­tain ad­di­tives, in­clud­ing caf­feine, it is pos­si­ble su­gar in com­bi­na­tion with some ad­di­tives makes soft drinks a more pow­er­ful or con­sis­tent pre­dic­tor.”

High su­gar con­sump­tion was linked with fight­ing in 23 of the 26 coun­tries.

The au­thors said: “This study un­der­scores the im­por­tance of di­rect­ing pub­lic health at­ten­tion to the in­ter­con­nec­tions be­tween healthy nu­tri­tion and be­havioural ten­den­cies dur­ing ado­les­cent years.”

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