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FACE­BOOK lik­ers of the Sunshine Coast Daily were asked to pick the prob­lem in the above photo. Some women were out­raged it por­trayed the fe­male as un­in­tel­li­gent be­cause she was read­ing a fash­ion mag. ● As a man I com­pletely ob­ject to this. How dare they por­tray males as bor­ing peo­ple who en­joy read­ing the Fi­nan­cial Re­view.

Tyson Trip­cony

● Out­stand­ing re­sponse. You win the in­ter­net.

Rob Astill

● Be­cause she is laz­ing in bed in­stead of get­ting him a sam­mich?

Steve Cun­ning­ham

● Bit outdated. Nowa­days, both of them would have iPads in their hands.

Dawn El­iz­a­beth

● No.. we just need to STOP lis­ten­ing to this garbage and #live­pos­i­tivily. They are just #baitin­gus­toar­gue.

Shane King

● Oh, FFS. We need to go back to liv­ing in caves and start again

Kerry Smith

● Go on, tell us SCD? Why are women un­happy about it. I can’t see a thing wrong.

Lori Dea

● Lori Dea, sadly some peo­ple find the lady read­ing a Chanel book of­fen­sive since the man is read­ing the pa­per.

Zac Wil­cox

● A few mo­ronic women went off yes­ter­day on Twit­ter about it, say­ing things from it’s body-sham­ing be­cause she has the fruit bowl on her side to why is the lady not read­ing the pa­per. Clearly, some peo­ple need a life.

David John

● David John, how ridicu­lous! They are as­sum­ing she is NOT an ex­tremely tal­ented fash­ion de­signer, self-em­ployed and em­pow­ered, on the cusp of global great­ness at Paris Fash­ion Week and sim­ply brush­ing up on an in­dus­try icon. So sick of this rub­bish.

Lori Dea

● Se­ri­ously, if this is the most stress­ful thing go­ing on in their lives, I’ll gladly trade lives.

Jac­inta Hol­combe

● Yep, life’s pretty good if peo­ple re­ally gotta search for some­thing to be indig­nant about.

Alex Walker

● Com­pletely ridicu­lous. The world has gone mad. Plus, it’s also pos­si­ble he is read­ing about fash­ion etc as the pa­per is not just fi­nance.

David John

● Be­cause it por­trays women as money-spenders and men as money-mak­ers.

James Paul

● Is she hold­ing her mag up­side down?

Cameron Frewer

● There’s hope for ev­ery­one if you guys get paid for your ar­ti­cles.

Ge­off Dean

● She’d only be look­ing at the pic­tures.

Tony Camil­leri

● Be­cause no woman is this happy in a bed­room with a man. Oh, I mean no woman is this happy.

Paul Munoz

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