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A MOTHER has told of the dis­tress of see­ing her 18-month-old girl sus­tain sec­ond de­gree burns to the bot­tom of her feet at a park in Ip­swich:

● Jan­dals, san­dals, flip flops, what­ever you call them. Lit­tle bit of com­mon sense too. Chel­cie Ta­maira

● I know it’s Queens­land, but shoes are al­ways an idea when chil­dren are out of the house. There are prob­a­bly quite a few haz­ards around if feet are not pro­tected. It, also, amazes me see­ing tod­dlers walk­ing around on dirty foot­paths and shop­ping cen­tres. Ju­dith Hayes

● Never go any­where with­out shoes or thongs. Even in the back yard or go­ing out to the laun­dry. You never know what you might tread on. Corinne Wylie

● I even bought a pair of thongs for a friend of our child be­cause I re­fused to have him come along with­out shoes. Su­sanne Steyn

● And that’s why you should al­ways make your kid wear footwear when­ever you’re out at a pub­lic place. Niell Gra­ham

● Footwear is es­sen­tial for lit­tlies. Keeps foot dis­eases away and saves them from slip­ping. Colleen Parke

● Clearly not from Aus­tralia. Some­one should maybe give them a heads up about hot seat­belts as well, just in case they for­got to pack com­mon sense.

Ryan Wade

THREE shark at­tacks in the same har­bour – in one of Queens­land’s most pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tions – has led to the gov­ern­ment to hold cri­sis talks to find a so­lu­tion:

● What sort of planet are we gonna end up with af­ter culling of cer­tain species be­cause they are dan­ger­ous? Leave them alone and avoid areas where found. Sam Hall

● Bloody shame our gov­ern­ment hasn’t got the same at­ti­tude to­wards mur­der­ers pe­dophiles and vi­o­lent of­fend­ers. David John Burns

● I sug­gest not swim­ming in the har­bour. Trina Costello

● More peo­ple have died in the la­goon at Air­lie then shark at­tacks. Quick ya bet­ter close the la­goon then. You go in the wa­ter know­ing fare well what can hap­pen so it’s your own risk. Cody Guess

● Don’t swim, surf etc in their home. You know the risks when you ven­ture into the wa­ter. Leave them be. Chris­tine Wil­son

● All the wa­ter around the is­lands are a haven for sharks. You’re in their ter­ri­tory, so do you chance it? Terry Narelle Haden

● So if a king brown snake bites some­one, do we hunt and kill all the pythons and tree snakes too? I swim in the sea ev­ery day. Some places I wouldn’t. We have to be ac­count­able. It is sad but we can’t keep killing tiger sharks who do no harm to us. Statham Evans

● Re­spect their en­vi­ron­ment. It’s their home, its the risk you take, let them be. This is about tourism and money. Cyn­thia Emma

● I don’t get how the gov­ern­ment gets in a panic over what shark at­tacks might do to tourism while back­ing coal min­ing and var­i­ous ex­port ports along the coast that are do­ing way more harm to the reef and en­vi­ron­ment over­all than a few sharks Cliff Cham­bers

● If you choose to swim in a shark’s potty and food bowl, you pays your money and you takes your chances. Tony Ma­grathea

● Leave them alone. We are in their wa­ters. Bonita Ma­son

● It’s not rocket sci­ence. Don’t swim there and if you do, know the risks Sharon Adams

● Use your legs to walk. Stay out of the wa­ter. Stop killing sharks for be­ing sharks. Vanessa El­iz­a­beth

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