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Queens­land’s last two agri­cul­tural col­leges will close next year, with a re­port sug­gest­ing one of them be con­verted into a refugee cen­tre or a pri­son:

● Funny how there was such an up­roar when, due to very low num­bers and cost to main­tain, we were go­ing to close a city school, where stu­dents could be sup­ported by the many other lo­cal schools. There are no other ag col­leges and yet this bush bash­ing La­bor Gov­ern­ment gets away with this sort of stuff time af­ter time. Dale Shut­tle­worth

● Of course, be­cause this is what La­bor does. They don’t care about the coun­try nor the peo­ple in it let alone the im­por­tance of en­sur­ing the fu­ture for our agri­cul­ture in­dus­try. An­gela Woodall

● Farm­ers don’t usu­ally vote La­bor in, refugees do. Lalita Datta

● No farm­ers, no food. Ab­so­lute dis­grace our gov­ern­ment is. Bethiee Mar­tini

● Dis­ap­point­ing for those want­ing to study agri­cul­tural sub­jects. Tracy O’Far­rell

● Why a refugee cen­tre, how about a home for the home­less al­ready liv­ing in Aus­tralia or bet­ter still let’s en­cour­age the young of Aus­tralia to en­rol into this great in­sti­tu­tion and keep it open. Michelle Persello

● Is this a be­lated April Fool’s day joke? It had bloody want to be. Tracey Mary

● So there goes an ed­u­ca­tion in­sti­tu­tion for fu­ture agri­cul­tural em­ploy­ees. Well done. Chris­tine Cowan

● Num­bers of stu­dents at these col­leges have dropped dras­ti­cally in re­cent years. Use it or lose it. Jean Laws

● As usual, take ev­ery­thing from the coun­try peo­ple and give noth­ing back in re­turn. Carol Say­ers

Dev­as­tated farm­ers are de­mand­ing a far-reach­ing com­mis­sion of in­quiry into Queens­land’s de­struc­tive bush­fires and have blamed the state’s land-clear­ing laws of mak­ing the in­fer­nos worse:

● They have a very valid point. I think it was only this week a farmer got a $1 mil­lion fine for fol­low­ing ad­vice on fire­breaks. Ab­so­lutely ridicu­lous. Don’t even get me started on land clear­ing and the Greens lock­ing ev­ery­thing up. The land needs to be strate­gi­cally man­aged not locked up cre­at­ing fire haz­ards. Bradley White

● This is what hap­pens when gov­ern­ments and coun­cils start buy­ing up and lock­ing up thou­sands of hectares of land and don’t main­tain it. This is cur­rently hap­pen in the Mount Crosby area! Bris­bane City Coun­cil is force­fully buy­ing up farms and then lock­ing it up. The next big fire will be in western Bris­bane! Re­gan Bow

● Cat­a­strophic con­di­tions for fires may in­clude un­der growth but cer­tainly can’t be blamed. Eu­ca­lyp­tus trees and light­en­ing fanned by hot winds, main causes un­less an ar­son­ist in­volved. Vivi­enne Ruf­fles

● Fires re­quire fuel, oxy­gen and heat, lim­it­ing the fuel is the most log­i­cal op­tion. Stephen Har­ri­son

● in­dige­nous I can just el­ders see so sit­ting many back say­ing, ‘I told you so’. Jim Kent

● Any one with a brain in their head could have pre­dicted that these laws would have a neg­a­tive im­pact. Ali Ste­wart

● I won­der if months of drought and a week of 40C temps might have helped. Scott Buckby

● Noth­ing will change un­til a politi­cian has his/her prop­erty burnt. Jen­nifer Tay­lor

● The gree­nies has a lot to an­swer for. They need to let farm­ers do what is best for THEIR OWN prop­er­ties!! Wendy Janezic

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