Cook’s notes:

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+ FOR THE POMEGRANATE, CU­CUM­BER AND PIS­TA­CHIO YO­GHURT: You need to rinse the pomegranate to re­move juice, which may colour the yo­ghurt. + FOR THE PEACH, FETTA AND MINT SALAD WITH PUL BIBER: Pul biber, also known as aleppo pep­per, is quite mild in flavour and is avail­able from spe­cialty spice stores. You can use a small amount of dried chilli flakes in­stead or mix a lit­tle sweet pa­prika with a pinch of cayenne pep­per. + FOR THE PAN-ROASTED PEP­PERS WITH A SWEET HARISSA GLAZE: This recipe is per­fect to use as a top­ping for br­uschetta or as a condi­ment for cheese. It’s also great along­side chorizo sausages.

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