Cook’s notes:


+ FOR THE GLUTEN-FREE FRUIT MINCE: The fruit mince can be made up to 2 months in ad­vance. Store in an air­tight con­tainer and stir ev­ery 2 weeks. + Apart from pud­ding and fruit cakes, you can also use this fruit mince in fruit mince pies, rum balls, brown­ies, fudge or even folded through ice-cream. + FOR THE GLUTEN-FREE STEAMED PUD­DING WITH SPICED POMEGRANATE SYRUP: When you’re re­plen­ish­ing the boil­ing wa­ter, be care­ful not to pour the wa­ter over the pud­ding basin as wa­ter may leak into the basin, mak­ing the pud­ding soggy and stop­ping it from cook­ing prop­erly. + We used frozen pomegranate seeds as pomegranate aren’t in sea­son. You can use fresh seeds if they’re avail­able. + You can make the pud­ding up to 3 days in ad­vance. Store in an air­tight con­tainer in a cool, dark place or in the fridge. To re­heat, re­turn it to the pud­ding basin. Se­cure lid. Boil in a saucepan of wa­ter for 1 hour or un­til heated through.

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