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750g straw­ber­ries, hulled, thinly sliced 1 cup straw­berry jam 1 cup cran­berry rasp­berry juice 84 Arno short­bread bis­cuits (see note) 300ml thick­ened cream, whipped, to serve

Vanilla Mas­car­pone Cream 250g tub mas­car­pone 3 cups thick­ened cream ½ cup ic­ing sugar mix­ture, plus ex­tra to dust 2 tea­spoons vanilla ex­tract

1 Make Vanilla Mas­car­pone Cream Us­ing an elec­tric mixer, beat mas­car­pone, cream, ic­ing sugar and vanilla un­til soft peaks form (do not over-beat). 2 Re­serve 1 cup of sliced straw­ber­ries. Com­bine jam and 1 ta­ble­spoon juice in a bowl. Place re­main­ing juice in a sep­a­rate bowl. Spread ¼ cup cream mix­ture over a large serv­ing plate to form a 20cm x 28cm rec­tan­gle. Work­ing quickly and us­ing 21 bis­cuits, dip each bis­cuit into juice. Ar­range bis­cuits on cream mix­ture in 3 rows to form a rec­tan­gle. Spread with ¾ cup of cream mix­ture. Ar­range ¼ of the straw­berry slices, in a sin­gle layer, over cream mix­ture. Driz­zle with 2 ta­ble­spoons jam mix­ture. Spread with ¾ cup of cream mix­ture. 3 Re­peat process 2 times with bis­cuits, cream mix­ture, straw­ber­ries and jam mix­ture, then fin­ish with a layer of bis­cuits and a thin layer of cream mix­ture. Re­frig­er­ate for 3 hours or un­til cream has set and bis­cuits have soft­ened. 4 Re­move from fridge. Top with whipped cream, re­served straw­ber­ries and re­main­ing jam mix­ture. Dust with ic­ing sugar. Serve im­me­di­ately. NU­TRI­TION: (per serve) 1891kj; 30.7g fat; 19.2g sat fat; 3.7g pro­tein; 41.1g carbs; 1.7g fi­bre; 73mg chol; 200mg sodium.

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