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How to Make a Blis­ter Al­bum Cover


For some peo­ple (like Vaughan, editor of this mag), the 90s were about Mel­rose Place on Tues­day night, Oa­sis ver­sus Blur and quot­ing Jules Wini­field’s hit­man speech from Pulp Fic­tion word for word when­ever he got blasted at par­ties. For the rest of us the last decade of the 20th Cen­tury was more about lip pierc­ings, shitty hair dye and surf­ing in board­ies that went way be­low the knee. Mu­si­cally, it was a magic time for fully dis­torted, heavy riff­ing white noise angst like Sonic Youth, Tax, Di­nosaur Jr, Mud­honey, Nir­vana and, to much much lesser de­gree, Ben Lee – all sounds that are mak­ing a bit of come­back to­day (with the ex­cep­tion of Ben Lee of course). So what bet­ter time to make a clas­sic 1990’s al­bum cover? The 90s you say? Well, good for you smarty pants. PS: For all you kids born af­ter the in­ven­tion of the in­ter­net, an al­bum cover is the art­work that ap­pears as a thumb­nail on your itunes li­brary when­ever you put a song on. Step 1. To make a 90s al­bum cover, first you’ll need a 90s band. For­tu­nately I have one liv­ing in my back shed. They’re called Blis­ter. They’re a one man out­fit star­ring Noa Deane on lead, bass and rhythm gui­tar, drums and vo­cal. Blis­ter sits out in the back shed all day try­ing to fig­ure out ways to get his songs fuzzier and heaps more angsty. He’s come up with six self-loathing clas­sics that you can lis­ten to at blis­­ Step 2. The most im­por­tant thing to re­mem­ber about the 90s is that try­ing or mak­ing an ef­fort was to­tally un­ac­cept­able. This ex­tended to things like get­ting dressed, per­sonal hy­gene and mak­ing stuff. There­fore the se­cret to cre­at­ing a great 90s al­bum cover is us­ing what’s ly­ing around, chuck­ing it in a pile if you can be both­ered, tak­ing a photo of it or what­ever, and then draw­ing on that photo if you can be fucked. As if. Step 3. For Blis­ter’s al­bum cover we used a nude Bar­bie Doll that was in Noa’s room for some rea­son. Noa chucked it on a rug, I added a piece of pa­per with Blis­ter scrib­bled on it, we took a photo and the whole deal was done faster than you could say “Who cares?” If it was the 90s, we’d be prob­a­bly be look­ing at an ARIA nom­i­na­tion for Best Cover De­sign up against the likes of sil­ver­chair, The Whit­lams, Spi­der­bait and Pow­derfin­ger. Oh man… Over that. Step 4. The fi­nal step in de­sign­ing your al­bum cover is cel­e­brat­ing hav­ing achieved some­thing while do­ing pretty much noth­ing. Noz and I did this by surf­ing out front and then build­ing a VB fea­ture wall in­side his room with all the emp­ties from our cel­e­bra­tion car­ton. In re­al­ity the wall took a lot more ef­fort to make and prob­a­bly looked bet­ter than the al­bum cover, but the last thing you wanted in the 90s was peo­ple think­ing you tried.

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