Surfing World - - Introduction -

If Flash Gor­don was a pro surfer would he ac­tu­ally be the son of leg­endary kneelo Dave Parkes? We say yes! He’ll save every one of us!

SW: You wake up in­side the body of John John Florence. De­scribe your day? GP: Get a set at Pipe, skip the line at the food truck and then tune a babe on the beach... per­haps.

You get to re-surf the fi­nal of the 2012 Ju­nior World Ti­tle in which you tied with Caio Ibelli but then lost in a re-surf. What do you do dif­fer­ent this time? Prob­a­bly skoll a beer be­fore I paddle out to calm the nerves.

You get cast as the new Flash Gor­don in a re­make of the orig­i­nal Hol­ly­wood clas­sic. Who sup­plies the sound­track now that Freddy Mer­cury is dead? We’d have to go with Creedo and El­liss and Beau. We’ll go with some fast er­ratic mu­sic. We’ll go with Wash.

You can only ride one surf craft for the rest of your life. What’s it to be? My 9’1’’ big kahuna that Dad shaped me. Full log. Wat­te­goes to The Wreck. If you had to ride an air matt filled with farts for the rest of your life, whose farts would they be, and why? My buddy Gaz, the drum­mer from Park­way Drive be­cause he’s edge. They’d be po­tent and prob­a­bly make you go heaps fast. Good for the buoy­ancy too.

Flash Gor­don calls and wants his hair back, do you oblige? I’d give it straight back. “Sorry for bit­ing your steeze buddy.”

Which num­ber is bet­ter 12 or 37? 37. More ex­pe­ri­ence at life, or I dunno, 37 chicks? 37 pits?

You score a wild­card to the WSL event of your choos­ing? Have to say Pipe. I’d prob­a­bly get knocked first heat but I’d be stoked to just make a heat. Just get one sick pit. Just one iconic Pipe pit. That would be bull­shit.

You’re the new mayor of By­ron Bay. What’s the first law you pass? You get fined for cross­ing the road. You’re not al­lowed to cross the road.

If you could be any fic­ti­tious char­ac­ter in his­tory, would you be Flash Gor­don? I’d be a Teenage Mu­tant Ninja Tur­tle. Just slip­ping around the sew­ers at night.

Il­lus­tra­tion by Nanda Or­mond

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