Albo set­tles into top job

An­thony Al­banese is as inner-city in 2019 as Neville Wran was Syd­ney in 1979 .

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The city bloke called “Albo” has en­joyed a fast rise to power within the La­bor Party.

That he has be­come the party’s leader this year goes back to his roots 30 years ago when he came un­der no­tice at La­bor’s an­nual State con­fer­ence.

He was then was on stage at the Syd­ney Town Hall, as the left-wing pres­i­dent of Young La­bor.

Than, still in his early twen­ties, he had ripped into a Young La­bor right-winger to the full-throatal cheers and egging on of the party’s on­look­ers. Most ob­vi­ously he was not shy in putting his best fist for­ward.

Fac­tion lead­ers one and all grinned as young Albo thrashed it out from the floor of city’s great city hall.

Albo was never taught how to be tough. He knew in­strin­tively that tough­ness was a nec­es­sary given to sur­vive the rough and tum­ble of La­bor pol­i­tics.

Al­banese grad­u­ated to be­com­ing Op­po­si­tion Leader after mild and man­nered Bill Shorten lost the un­los­able Fed­eral elec­tion ear­lier this year.

He will take his time to get the Op­po­si­tion bat­tle pre­pared and he has a full three years to get La­bor back into gov­ern­ment.

When not out on the po­lit­i­cal stage Albo will stay rooted within the Mar­rickville com­mu­nity, in Syd­ney’s inner west, an in­creas­ingly crowed sub­ur­ban lo­ca­tion where fac­to­ries have been re­placed by ex­pen­sive apart­ment blocks.

Aus­tralian vot­ers, es­pe­cially those in inner Syd­ney, like down-to-earth big per­son­al­ity politi­cians.

A die-heart South Syd­ney Rab­bitohs Rugby League sup­porter he pits him­self straight up to Prime Min­is­ter Scott Morrison, some­one who also prides him­self on getting a high pass at the pub test.

His cam­paign for La­bor was first pitched pub­licly at Syd­ney City’s Hen­son Park Ho­tel.

Other than hav­ing a beer named after him - the ‘Albo Corn Ale’ brewed by Wil­lie the Boat­man - here’s what is known about An­thony Al­banese.

* He’s 56 years old has been the mem­ber for the inner west Syd­ney seat of Grayn­dler since 1996.

* Be­gan his po­lit­i­cal life at univer­sity be­fore work­ing for La­bor min­is­ter Tom Uren, the NSW party ma­chine and NSW premier Bob Carr.

* Stud­ied eco­nom­ics at the Univer­sity of Syd­ney.

* Was in the shadow min­istry three years after en­ter­ing par­lia­ment.

* Be­came man­ager of op­po­si­tion busi­ness in the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives un­der Kevin Rudd.

* Be­came Min­is­ter for In­fra­struc­ture and Trans­port, Re­gional De­vel­op­ment and Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment when La­bor won the 2007 fed­eral elec­tion.

* Was deputy prime min­is­ter after Rudd’s brief re­turn to the lead­er­ship fol­low­ing the Rudd-Gil­lard-Rudd blood­baths.

* In that short win­dow he was also Min­is­ter for Broad­band, Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and the Dig­i­tal Econ­omy.

* Vied for the role of La­bor leader against Bill Shorten in 2013 and lost, de­spite win­ning the pop­u­lar vote.

* Pas­sion­ate about a high-speed rail net­work for Aus­tralia.

* Life­time sup­porter of the South Syd­ney Rab­bitohs.

* Moon­lights as ‘DJ Albo’, spin­ning tracks at gigs and ALP fundrais­ers. * Sep­a­rated from wife Carmel Tebbutt, a former deputy premier of NSW. The pair have a teenage son, Nathan.

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