Sydney Arena

Carlotta Queen of the Cross


Carlotta, the Queen of Kings Cross, made the 2020 Australia Day honours after entertaini­ng and becoming a popular figure for the LGBTIQ community.

She began her career in Les Girls as an 18-year-old in the early 60s in Sydney.

“It was a great honour - but I just think this year it

Carlotta says she battling to keep up with all her business and social engagement­s.

She recently opened a new show at the Hayes Theatre (before Christmas) and did a special called I’m Not Dead Yet, Darlings.

Carlotta was a star of Kings Cross for many years, but the famous nightclub strip has become a lot quieter and less lively.

“It gets me really riled that they let Kings Cross go the way it did,” asserted Carlotta. “Overseas people would say to me that they couldn’t wait to go to Kings Cross. Times have changed.”

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