Prop up lamb prices

Tasmanian Country - - STOCK REPORT -

A LARGER yard­ing of 410 new sea­son’s lambs at Powranna and Kil­lafaddy on Tues­day was of good qual­ity although with few ex­tra heavy pens.

Feed­ers and re­stock­ers put a solid floor in the trade sec­tion while prices for heavy lambs were $5 to $7 a head cheaper.

Heavy lambs were mak­ing $140 to $173 and tradeweights $130 to $149 per head. Feed­ers paid $130 to $143 per head and re­stock­ers $124 to $140 each. There was a smaller yard­ing of mut­ton and most sheep met an eas­ier mar­ket with heavy ewes and wethers mak­ing $80 to $118, medium weights $70 to $102 and light ewes $67 to $80 per head.

There was a very small yard­ing of 55 cat­tle with al­most half cows. Feed­ers and re­stock­ers paid 250c/kg to 282c/kg for year­ling steers. There were no trade heifers on of­fer. The best bul­locks made 228c/kg to 250c/kg while re­stock­ers bought most grown steers from 220c/kg to 250c/kg liveweight.

The 26 cows were mostly heavy beef types. No cows were booked to ei­ther ex­porter and will get more time in the pad­dock. Heavy cows made 175c/kg to 184c/kg and medi­umweights 142c/kg to 183c/kg.

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