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QWhy did my choco­late seize? Melt­ing choco­late can be a tricky busi­ness. One minute it all looks fine and the next it’s a stiff, grainy, un­work­able mess! There are a few things to re­mem­ber that will en­sure a smooth, glossy re­sult. First up, choco­late doesn’t like mois­ture. So, if you’re melt­ing it over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter, it is es­sen­tial the wa­ter doesn’t touch the bowl and the steam doesn’t come into con­tact with the choco­late. Use a glass bowl and metal uten­sils, as plas­tic and wood can re­tain mois­ture. Choco­lates with a higher co­coa con­tent can be more volatile to melt, as they con­tain less fat to emul­sify them. Melt them slowly over low heat. If pos­si­ble, use bak­ing choco­late that’s de­signed for cook­ing.

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