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QWhy did my An­zac bis­cuits turn out flat? While they’re now avail­able com­mer­cially all year round, there’s noth­ing quite like home­made An­zac bis­cuits. Not just for the flavour, but the ac­tual bak­ing process, which is a nice re­minder of the women who made them with such love for the sol­diers of WW1. The orig­i­nal recipe is sim­ple: just 1 cup each of oats, plain flour, sugar and co­conut, mixed with 12 ⁄ cup melted but­ter, 1-2 tbs golden syrup, 2 tbs boil­ing wa­ter and 1 tsp bi­car­bon­ate of soda. This pro­duces a slightly risen, crunchy bis­cuit. If your bis­cuit is a bit flat, your recipe may not have used bi­carb (or another rais­ing agent like bak­ing pow­der). The ad­di­tion of boil­ing wa­ter helps ac­ti­vate the rais­ing agent, too.

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