Start the day right with this vegie-packed brunch. - - WEEKEND -

are you try­ing to re­duce pro­cessed foods and re­fined grains? Switch the usual muf­fin base for a be­tac­arotene-rich sweet potato rosti that helps count to­wards your daily veg­etable tally. In­clud­ing as­para­gus as a side adds an­other serv­ing of ve­gies and a boost of green good­ness. As­para­gus is a par­tic­u­larly good choice for gut health: it has high lev­els of in­ulin, a spe­cial kind of pre­bi­otic that en­cour­ages the growth of good bac­te­ria in your gut. Plus, it’s also a source of pro­tein. Ham usu­ally plays the lead role in a tra­di­tional eggs bene­dict, but I’ve re­duced pork to a sup­port­ing role by us­ing a lit­tle pancetta or ba­con, so you get all the de­li­cious­ness with­out go­ing over­board on pro­cessed meat.

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