serves 8| prep 40 mins (+ 1 hour & overnight freez­ing time) - - KNOW HOW -

60g ( 14 ⁄ cup) co­conut oil 30g ( 14 ⁄ cup) ca­cao pow­der 2 tbs pure maple syrup 1L ve­gan co­conut ice-cream Coarsely grated dairy-free choco­late, to serve

1 Com­bine the oil, ca­cao and maple syrup in a mi­crowave-safe bowl. Mi­crowave on Medium for 15 sec­onds or un­til the oil is melted. Stir un­til smooth and com­bined. Set aside. 2 Lightly grease the base of a 9 x 19cm (base mea­sure­ment) loaf pan with oil and line with bak­ing pa­per, al­low­ing 2 long sides to ex­tend above the pan. Use a dessert­spoon to scoop out a quar­ter of the ice-cream in flat pieces and ar­range over base of pre­pared pan to cover com­pletely. Use the back of the spoon to gen­tly press and smooth the sur­face. Driz­zle with 2 tbs of the ca­cao mix­ture. Place in the freezer for 30 min­utes or un­til firm. Store the re­main­ing ice-cream in the freezer un­til needed (see tip). 3 Re­peat to make an­other layer of ice-cream and ca­cao mix­ture, then place in freezer for 30 min­utes or un­til firm. Re­peat to make a third layer, then place in the freezer overnight. 4 When ready to serve, place a serv­ing plat­ter in the freezer to chill. Turn the ice-cream loaf out onto the serv­ing plat­ter. Re­turn to the freezer. Scoop the re­main­ing ice-cream into a pip­ing bag fit­ted with a large fluted or star noz­zle. Set aside at room tem­per­a­ture for a few min­utes, un­til ice-cream is soft enough to pipe but not melted. Pipe rosettes over the top of the loaf. Place in the freezer un­til firm. 5 Driz­zle the re­main­ing ca­cao mix­ture over the ice-cream loaf. Place in the freezer un­til firm. Sprin­kle with grated choco­late. Cut into slices to serve.

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