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Louise Keats chooses the health­ier op­tions in our monthly food and drink bat­tle. - - THIS MONTH -

Louise Keats helps you make health­ier choices.

chicken nugget vs meat pie

Gram for gram, fried chicken nuggets typ­i­cally have around 20 per cent more calo­ries than a meat pie, as well as 40 per cent more fat. They also tend to have dou­ble the sugar, half the fi­bre and more salt. But they have about 40 per cent more protein, too. Whichever you pick, mak­ing them at home with whole­food in­gre­di­ents means you can avoid the ad­di­tives and fillers of com­mer­cial prod­ucts. win­ner: meat pie

bear­naise sauce vs mus­tard

If you’re count­ing calo­ries, mus­tard is the clear win­ner – it has less than a quar­ter of the cals of bear­naise. It also has around one-tenth the fat, twice the protein, five times the se­le­nium and more fi­bre and iron. But bear­naise typ­i­cally has 40 times less salt and 14 times less sugar, and, if you make it your­self from scratch us­ing yolks and grass-fed but­ter, it can still be a nu­tri­tious choice. win­ner: mus­tard

grissini vs wa­ter crack­ers

Grissini typ­i­cally have about 20 per cent more calo­ries than wa­ter crack­ers thanks to their higher fat con­tent. They also tend to have more fi­bre but also twice the sugar and salt. On the up­side, grissini are more likely to be made with olive oil, while wa­ter crack­ers of­ten con­tain palm oil. Wa­ter crack­ers win by a nose, but both are high-calo­rie, low-nu­tri­ent snacks, so go easy. win­ner: wa­ter crack­ers

zuc­chini vs green peas

Cooked peas have more than three times the calo­ries of cooked zuc­chini, as well as more nat­u­ral sug­ars. But with those ex­tra cals comes al­most five times the protein, al­most four times the fi­bre, more than three times the fo­late, twice the iron and more beta-carotene. Green peas win in a close race, but keep both on your shop­ping list for more veg va­ri­ety. win­ner: green peas

cherry ripe vs mars

Cherry Ripes have about five per cent more calo­ries than Mars bars thanks to their higher fat con­tent. How­ever, they have more than three times the fi­bre and one-fifth the salt. Mars bars have about 20 per cent more sugar but also more cal­cium. Cherry Ripe wins by a whisker, but both bars mainly com­prise sugar and re­fined oils, so have them only oc­ca­sion­ally. win­ner: cherry ripe

silken/soft tofu vs firm tofu

Silken tofu con­tains more wa­ter than firm – when you re­move some of that wa­ter, you end up with more of ev­ery­thing else. Firm tofu of­ten has twice the calo­ries of silken tofu thanks to its higher protein and fat con­tent. Firm also has more fi­bre, cal­cium, zinc, iron and salt. Both are nu­tri­tious, but you may wish to source a Gmo-free brand, or try tem­peh for a fer­mented, gut-friendly op­tion. win­ner: it’s a tie

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