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ere are lots of ways to get around geoblocks these days, but most of the good ones require you to sign up for some sort of subscripti­on, which can set you back anywhere between $3 to $15 or more a month. Of the free options, we’ve previously highlighte­d Hola Unblocker as being an option, but earlier this year it was exposed as being a little dodgy (it’s essentiall­y a peer-to-peer VPN, but it’s one that can use your bandwidth without your knowledge — including for commercial use), and while it’s not actively malware, we’d still suggest giving it a wide berth. A better alternativ­e is this new Hotspot Shield VPN browser plugin (available for Firefox and Chrome); while Hotspot Shield has been around as a free program for what seems like forever, this new option makes it much easier and quicker to turn on and o when you need it. Even demanding tasks like media streaming work OK. Want to switch to the US version of Netflix for access to the wider array of shows? Just ick open Hotspot Shield’s control panel, change your local to the US and turn the VPN on. You might have to wait a minute for a stream to a actually start playing, but once it’s going we didn’t experience any skips. You can also use it if you’re on public Wi-Fi to help protect you from potential hacks. is is a fantastic free tool that everyone should have in their browser.

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