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I’m running a new PC and have switched from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Recently, after using the old Windows 7 Backup tool to back up to my external hard drive, I received the following error: “Check your backup results. The backup completed but some files were skipped”. I investigat­ed further to discover two errors (0x80070002) referring to C:\Users\defaultuse­r0\Contacts and C:\Users\defaultuse­r0\Searches, respective­ly (neither file could be found). The Windows Troublesho­oter was no help — can you resolve this please? [ ALLAN BOLTON ]

Cat Ellis replies: This is a well-known error, and the good news is that you can safely ignore it if you wish — the backup still works. However, you may want to remove the annoying message that will continue to appear. Open Backup and Restore — press ‘Win-R’, type “sdclt.exe” and click OK — and then click ‘Change settings’. Click Next, then select ‘Let me choose’ if necessary and click Next again.

Expand ‘Data Files’ followed by ‘Your username’s Libraries > Additional Locations’ and clear the tick boxes next to the AppData folder, Contacts and Searches. Now expand ‘Computer > C: > Users > [Your username]’ and tick the AppData, Contacts and Searches folders if they exist. Click Next followed by ‘Save settings and exit’, then perform a fresh backup to verify the issue has been resolved.

 ??  ?? Resolve selected backup errors by changing what’s backed up.
Resolve selected backup errors by changing what’s backed up.

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