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If our phones are anything to go by, it’s safe to say that humans are prone to dropping things. dbrand has made a name for itself by offering solutions to your phone’s fingerprin­t-loving and too-smooth surface. The Grip is just the latest case in their arsenal, and they claim it’s the “grippiest” phone case in the world. (So many world firsts this month!) With special “confidence-inspiring” grip extrusions across the case, it apparently gets grippier over time as it learns the way you hold your phone and adapts accordingl­y. Sounds like magic! All this time, it manages to keep the form factor slim and attractive, with a subtle black design that, honestly, looks a little bit like the armour from videogame MassEffect painted black (that’s a good thing). It’s compatible with iPhones (6 to X, including Plus-sizes, excluding SE), as well as the latest Galaxy, Pixel and Pixel 2s phones, as well as some OnePlus and Nexus handsets with more to come.

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