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theportapr­ | Goal: US$50,000 | Raised: US$41,180 from 228 backers RRP: From US$200 At first, we had this product lined up for a spot in Ridiculous Tech (see page 114), but then we remembered visiting both the US and the UK and the terrible quality of their coffee, and decided that the PortaPress­o wasn’t such a dumb idea after all. In yet another world first (apparently), the PortaPress­o has been designed to do everything necessary to brew you a boss of a cuppa — or three, because it can do three in one go. Simply add your favourite beans, milk and water, choose what style of coffee you want, do any customisab­le tweaking via the app (such as temperatur­e or frothiness), and wait for the magic to happen. The kit comes with the necessary charger, a cup and two C02 canisters (for purposes of frothing). If you’re on holiday somewhere and can’t do without your cup of coffee, this sounds like a potential solution to your early morning grumpiness!

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