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Wiggle Kit


- | Goal: €15,000 | Raised: €18,889 from 190 backers | RRP: €118 The Wiggle Kit is a small, wireless handheld MIDI device with four buttons that can manipulate your voice or instrument in real-time through a set of preconfigu­red gestures. While speaking or singing into a microphone, for instance, you can connect the companion app, grab your Wiggle Kit and flick, tilt and twist that little guy on all three axes to add effects such as autotune to emulate your favourite French, robot-inspired music duo. Described as “musical freedom in the palm of your hand”, it’s not actually limited to musical endeavours. If you’re a performanc­e artist, you can also use it to your advantage during live events to give your voice interestin­g effects, or even control the lighting colour or pulse rate. (Disco, anyone?) The design is sleek and is durable, boasting a 5-hour battery life for each charge. Those buttons we mentioned are also completely customisab­le through the app. At time of writing, there’s no mention of an Android app but desktop options are available for both Windows and Mac.

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