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How to stop sensitive notificati­ons showing up on your iPhone’s lock screen NEED TO HIDE YOUR [ REDACTED ]?


Notificati­ons are useful in a lot of circumstan­ces, but there are plenty that we’d rather not have sitting on our lock screen for prying eyes to see. Thankfully, iPhones give you the ability to customise the extent of what will show up (referred to as a ‘preview’) for each of your apps. From your Settings, tap on Notificati­ons and scroll down to the app you would like to modify. Once on the app’s screen, you can select whether the preview will always show on your lock screen, only show when unlocked, or never show up at all. From the main Notificati­ons screen, you can choose between the same options as a blanket rule for all of your apps, although individual app settings will override this.

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