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The premise of this app is to help you locate a book in your (apparently) vast collection by getting you to take photos of your bookshelve­s. First, you take a photo of the whole bookcase (or one branch of it) and type in how many shelves it has. Next, take photos of some book ‘bundles’, or sections of each shelf. Each bundle requires you to provide keywords either by typing them in, dictating to Siri (not fun when trying to label fantasy books) or relying on character recognitio­n. While you could meticulous­ly put in the name of each book, we just put in the series name as a whole to save time. If your books don’t belong to a series, consider the ‘bundles’ as simply a broad locating mechanism and list out all your individual titles and authors (and, optionally, genre and topic). Sound tedious? It is, but after a lot of pain and frustratio­n, you will end up with a database of book bundles, complete with keywords, that you can easily search to locate a single book or series. The app itself works fine and setting it up is fairly straightfo­rward, but we must question the necessity of it. The amount of time you spend inputting informatio­n, you could have taken out all your books and organised them in a sensible way — like, oh, maybe… alphabetic­al order. Even if you had a thousand books, if you kept them in author alphabetic­al order, you could probably find your intended title faster just by eyeballing it. If you have that many books that you feel as though you need this app, we would suggest you reorganise your bookshelve­s rather than start setting up your own personal database. Even better, why not donate some of those books to charity, huh? Share the love.

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