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Voyage Found functions a little bit like a browser extension, essentiall­y acting as a filtered randomiser that sifts through the wealth of travelling informatio­n found on the free site Wiki Voyage. Its interface is incredibly simple — a search bar allows you to find locations as broad as a continent or as refined as a beach, and add these to your filtered rules, either including or excluding them from your random search. This means, for instance, that you can search for a random location that’s in Australia but doesn’t fall in any of the states’ capital cities, or perhaps just check out some fresh areas in Kyoto prefecture that wouldn’t normally make it into a Western guidebook. You can keep cycling the random button with the same filters to get new results, each page providing a useful array of info ranging from the finer details of transport to the notable eateries and lodgings in the area. Useful, yes, but Voyage Found really shines as a source of inspiratio­n.

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