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XASDD NAAQE ZXTWH EHSTV QPGWT. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an Alan Turing, you’ll already be able to tell from the standfirst that Cryptii is ‘the ultimate encryption site’. The web app has a modular structure, enabling you to set up several modules in a linear process that can mangle, encode and decode anything you feed it, given the right configurat­ion. The algorithms that it utilises range from relatively simple singlelett­er substituti­ons to modern hash functions, and even includes an extensivel­y detailed emulation of the German Enigma Machine from WWII. There are a few limited presets at the foot of the page if you want to quickly set the page up to convert text to binary, for example, but otherwise, you’ll have the freedom to add and remove any module at will and create as intricate a system as you please. The process of both encoding and decoding is exceptiona­lly fast as well, in effect making it an instantane­ous effort rather than a several-year operation conducted by a team of geniuses.

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