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XASDD NAAQE ZXTWH EHSTV QPGWT. cryp­ If you fancy your­self as a bit of an Alan Tur­ing, you’ll al­ready be able to tell from the stand­first that Cryp­tii is ‘the ul­ti­mate en­cryp­tion site’. The web app has a mod­u­lar struc­ture, en­abling you to set up sev­eral mod­ules in a lin­ear process that can man­gle, en­code and de­code any­thing you feed it, given the right con­fig­u­ra­tion. The al­go­rithms that it utilises range from rel­a­tively sim­ple sin­glelet­ter sub­sti­tu­tions to modern hash func­tions, and even in­cludes an ex­ten­sively de­tailed em­u­la­tion of the Ger­man Enigma Ma­chine from WWII. There are a few lim­ited pre­sets at the foot of the page if you want to quickly set the page up to con­vert text to bi­nary, for ex­am­ple, but oth­er­wise, you’ll have the free­dom to add and re­move any mod­ule at will and cre­ate as intricate a sys­tem as you please. The process of both en­cod­ing and de­cod­ing is ex­cep­tion­ally fast as well, in ef­fect mak­ing it an in­stan­ta­neous ef­fort rather than a sev­eral-year op­er­a­tion con­ducted by a team of ge­niuses.

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