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Where’s the Jump?


WHETHER YOU LOVE OR HATE JUMP SCARES IN FILMS, THIS DATABASE IS YOUR FRIEND. wheresthej­ If you’re the timid type that doesn’t like a jump scare to ruin your otherwise un-scary film, or if you’re a horror buff that wants to test your limits, you’ll find solace in Where’s the Jump? While not yet comprehens­ive, this site aims to be a complete database of jump scares in films (and some TV series), even if they don’t fall squarely within the horror genre — for instance, Jurassic Park makes the list. Every film has its own page, detailing each of the scares and the timestamp at which they occur, and the films are given a rating based on the amount and severity of these. There are plenty of extras to be found on the site as well, such as a database of subtitle files that will warn you of imminent scares, a list of upcoming horror films and their synopses, and a collection of relevant statistics put together by the team behind the site.

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