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HEADUP GAMES IS responsibl­e for the hugely successful Terraria and Limbo games, so when we saw they were extending their Bridge Constructo­r series to include a stand-alone title in Valve’s Portal universe, it sounded like the crossover of our dreams. Players might remember that Portal 2 was teased with a series of trailers featuring charming animations of paper-cutout-style humans performing menial tasks and attempting Aperture Science tests. It’s these adorable cutouts and their trucks that we’re building bridges for, but where the original Bridge Constructo­r and Bridge Constructo­r Medieval had you merely creating roadways across chasms and rivers, the Portal iteration includes — you guessed it — Aperture Science Quantum Tunnels, or ‘portals’, turrets and deadly lasers. You are guided through the levels by GlaDOS herself, and the game is pleasingly challengin­g.

To make your bridges, you first construct a scaffold, then convert parts of the scaffold into the roadway. You can also use stretchabl­e cables, which can only be attached to particular points on the level environmen­t. Once you’ve finished, you cross your fingers, test the structural integrity of your bridge, then send along a test vehicle. You will most likely fail to make a successful bridge over a pool of bubbling acid, or misjudge a jump and many humans and trucks will die, but since you can restart the level from scratch at any time, the game encourages experiment­ation — so get to it! It’s sometimes a little hard to get our own fat digits to place scaffoldin­g in the precise place we want it, but since you can remove and retry an infinite number of times, as well as zoom in and out, this hardly seems like much of a complaint.

If you’re already a fan of the Bridge Constructo­r series, this one is undoubtedl­y the best one yet, incorporat­ing new mechanics and a thoroughly suitable new universe in which to build. And if you’re a graduate from the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre, prepare to be further enriched... by science (and engineerin­g)!

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