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WHEN IT COMES TO CHOOSING WHERE TO BACK UP YOUR FILES TO, YOU’RE SPOILT FOR CHOICE. But it’s not a case of either this backup device or that one — ideally, you should invest in at least two separate devices. Here’s what to look for.

Secondary hard drive: This can be internal or external. Use it for your primary file and drive image backups, using Windows’ own tools and Macrium Reflect Free.

Network hard drive: A good secondary solution that can be kept elsewhere in your home for added security. Perfect for any of the backup methods we discuss here — you can even use it as the basis for your own personal cloud storage system using OwnCloud.

Other computer: If you own another PC (or Mac), keep your key files in sync on all your computers using a cloud storage service or Syncthing. As an added bonus, the latest version of your data is always available on whichever PC you’re using.

Friend’s or family computer: You can swap unused storage space with people you trust, but make sure your data is kept in an encrypted format on their computer — use Buddy Backup or Viivo in conjunctio­n with Syncthing.

Cloud storage: If you have a fast, unlimited internet connection, using a trusted service, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive is also an option. Again, use Viivo to encrypt sensitive data for extra security.

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