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LaCie Rugged Thunderbol­t USB-C



LACIE’S RUGGED RANGE has been around a while and although you’ve always paid a premium for its Mac focused portable drives the company’s new 500GB SSD, the Rugged Thunderbol­t USB-C, is even more expensive. At close to double the price of Samsung’s 500GB T5 portable SSD it’s a long way from a bargain, but this tough portable storage unit is also pretty bulky when you line it up next to the competitio­n. Weighing in at 400 grams it’s almost eight times the mass of the T5, more than twice as thick and has close to double the footprint. This additional bulk does afford it extra durability, bundling in a 2m drop resistance, IP54 splash resistance and a 1000kg pressure durability to make it a good drive for people who need to carry it in unpredicta­ble circumstan­ces. It also happens to be the fastest SSD we have on record getting Sequential Q32T1 read speeds of 533.1MB/s and writes at 484.7 MB/s.

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