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Windows Live Mail replacemen­t


I had trouble with my PC and went back to square one by reloading Windows 10. Then Microsoft took an hour to update it and I’ve been left with this awful Mail app instead of Windows Live Mail. How can I get Outlook or Windows Live Mail again? At 85, I’m getting too old for this pretty stuff — wish I’d stayed with Windows 7! [ HAROLD TOKINS ]

Cat Ellis replies: Unfortunat­ely, Microsoft has retired Windows Live Mail completely. We suspect that by ‘Outlook’, you mean Outlook Express, which is also long gone — while some people have managed to get both programs working in Windows 10 briefly, major updates led to them breaking again. The best way to future-proof yourself is by switching to Mozilla’s highly acclaimed Thunderbir­d email program, which is available at www.getthunder­ — there’s a bit of a learning curve at first, sadly, but its user interface is relatively straightfo­rward and it’ll continue to work in future versions of Windows, too.

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