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lu­men.me | GOAL: US$50,000 RAISED: US$1,409,228 from 6,295 back­ers RRP: US$299

It looks a bit like a stylish tube of com­pli­men­tary sham­poo, but Lu­men is ac­tu­ally a de­vice (plus ac­com­pa­ny­ing app) that can mea­sure your me­tab­o­lism through your breath. Yeah! If you want to lose weight or op­ti­mise your work­outs, then this lit­tle doo­dad could su­per­charge your ef­forts. The app can tell you what kinds of foods you can eat and when your body is cur­rently burn­ing fat or carbs. It can also give you tips with re­gards to your sleep re­quire­ments or the type of work­out you need to do. How does it work? Blow into the Lu­men tube and the de­vice mea­sures the amount of CO2 in your breath. High CO2 equates to carbs burn­ing mode, and low CO2 is burn­ing fat. This data is sent across to the app, which then spits out ad­vice. The tube it­self is sleek, light and has a bat­tery life of two weeks. Sounds nifty.

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