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WHILE WE’VE NOW seen the first portable NVMe SSDs emerge, USB 3.1 SSDs still look like the best op­tion for ul­tra fast ex­ter­nal stor­age mov­ing for­ward. One of the main rea­sons for this is the price, which af­ter a few years on the mar­ket are fi­nally start­ing to come down to mass mar­ket lev­els. Kogan’s S5 Ul­tra Fast Portable SSD in a 500GB ca­pac­ity goes for just $209, mak­ing it one of the most af­ford­able portable SSDs we’ve seen. It’s pretty clear that the S5 Ul­tra Fast Portable SSD is tak­ing cues from Sam­sung’s T5 se­ries, wrap­ping the S5 in a pow­dery black-metal case that takes a sim­i­larly el­lip­ti­cal shape. It’s ac­tu­ally even more com­pact than Sam­sung’s T3 and T5 drives when you line them up and the USB 3.1 Type-C to A in­ter­face is con­ve­nient yet main­tains the op­tion to use a Type-C to C cable for any ul­tra-mod­ern note­books.

Sadly the de­vice’s read speeds were a lit­tle slower than an­tic­i­pated at 314.4MB per sec­ond in the Crys­talDiskMark 6 bench­mark (around 28% off what Sam­sung’s T5 drives). For­tu­nately it seems to be much faster when it comes to writ­ing in­for­ma­tion, lin­ing up with the CristalDiskMark 6 Q32T1 se­quen­tial write speeds for Sam­sung’s T3 drive at 411.4MB/s.

If you shop around it’s not dif­fi­cult to find the same sized Sam­sung Portable SSD T5s for the same, or even less, than Kogan’s of­fer­ing (Of­fice­works and Bing Lee both had 500GB T5s for $199). Since the T5 is faster and comes with all the war­ranties for tech­nol­ogy sold in Aus­tralia, Sam­sung keeps its stor­age crown, but Kogan’s S5 Ul­tra Fast Portable SSD isn’t as far be­hind as you might think.

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